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My Wonderful List of Links
This site won't do you much good unless you live near Ann Arbor but if you want to see how i spend my weekends go for it

AnimEigo's Chat Room
This is a very nice chat room. i usually go by the name Violet

Busta's Island
This page rocks! Just go to it already.

This page is filled with computer stuff

Dill Records
This is Dill Records official web page. This is where you can find all about my favorite band, Skankin' Pickle

Hash Bash
This is the official Ann Arbor Hash Bash web page, and remember LEGALIZE IT!

Kitty,Kitty, Please Come Here
This is a really kick ass hole page.

Meatball Head Moon Page
This page is one of the best Sailor Moon Pages i've ever seen.

PeekabOOm's Death Match
If you've visited the "my friend's are on crack" part of this page this is that crazy kid from German class. He's really cool so visit his page, he's the quake master.

Sailor Ko-neko and Skuld's Sailor Moon Page
This page is very cute

Stephanie and Karen Sailor Moon Addicts!
This is my other page which is actually a lot nicer then this page because Stephanie did most of the work.

Stephanie's Personal Page
This page has a bunch of cool stuff about my other friend Stephanie

The Whore House
This page has lots of cool anime stuff and other things such as She-Ra

World Club Info Page
This is a page done by my German friend. He's really cool and him and i have the same last name!