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My Wonderful List of Links (aren't they b-u-t-ful?

Stephanie and Karen's Sailor Moon Addicts: this is a page that my friend and i did. It's a lot better then mine (because Stephanie did most of it)
Meatball Head Moon Page: this is probably one of my favorite sites
Animeigo chat room: This chat room has a lot of nice people. i used to live there untill i got IRC. i still go here sometimes, look for Violet or Sailor Meatball (that's me)
Skuld and Kitty's anime homepage.: This page is really cute, go to it.
Animania: now this site probably won't do you much good unless you live close to Ann Arbor...but if anyones interested in how i spend 6 hours once a month then go for it!
Geist's World:
The Space Station:

Sailor Moon

eps.1 A MOON STAR IS BORN: This episode introduces Serena and Luna. This is when Serena discovers that she's destined to save the universe more or less

eps.2 SLIM CITY: Serena becomes convinced that she's fat and goes on a strick diet.

eps.3 SO YOU WANT TO BE A SUPERSTAR: i'll have to find out what happened in this episode because i don't remember and i don't have it on tape.

COMPUTER SCHOOL BLUES: This is the first episode with Sailor Mercury (Ami)

i'll finish later