Because i got sick of filling out those 50 questions e-mails that i kept getting, i decided that once and for all i would just ut my 50 questions on my page since i've been meaning to put a bio up anyway so here goes.

Name: Karen Colleen

Nicknames: Spike, Nips, Violet, TankChick, Rainbow_Karen, Sadie Mae Glutz, etc

Parents: Peggy and Rudi

Siblings: Johannes and Vincent

School: Pioneer High School but next year Michigan State

Favorite Class:um...Humanities i guess, even if it causes me many sleepless nights

Future School(s): Oberlin Conservatory or some other kick ass conservatory, maybe somewhere in New York or Chicago for my masters

Best Friends: Stephanie, Kelli, Aaron, Julie, Andrea, and Wenni

Pets: a crayfish named Bob Job: Learning Express (thank God for toy stores) and hopefully i'll be teaching cello before i go to college

Hobbies: i have time for hobbies?

A non-sport game that you excel at: Egyptian Rat Tail Screw or whatever the hell it's called

A non-sport game that you enjoy: poker for pennies all the way baby!


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