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Tank Girl Cards

card 01: In the Beginning...
card 02: "Wired"
card 03: Christmas Present
card 04: Casting Calls
card 05: Who's Tank Girl?
card 06: The End...
card 07: Or Maybe Not...
card 08: What's the World...
card 09: The Rippers
card 10: The New Rebecca
card 11: Back at the Farm
card 12: Richard
card 13: Snagged!
card 14: Gross Out
card 15: It's a Bust
card 16: Called to Order
card 17: Life Sucker
card 18: In the Trenches
card 19: Frisky Business
card 20: Bye, Bye Trooper
card 21: Through the Glass
card 22: "Oil Change"
card 23: Water & Power
card 24: "Torture Me..."
card 25: Slave Labor
card 26: Plan of Action
card 27: Jet Girl
card 28: Girl Meets Tank
card 29: Outta Here!
card 30: Surveying the...
card 31: "It;'s Been Swell..."
card 32: Straight Up
card 33: Wired For Sound
card 34: Ripper Attack
card 35: Body Parts
card 36: Making Tank Tracks
card 37: Hallucination
card 38: What a Long...
card 39: Scrap Metal
card 40: Lie Detector
card 41: Sam's Alive
card 42: Setting Up Shop
card 43: Arms for Sale
card 44: Total Transformation
card 45: Off with his Head!
card 46: Ghost Town
card 47: Divide and Conquer
card 48: Liquid Silver
card 49: Makeover
card 50: Rat-Face
card 51: Dangerball
card 52: Jet Saves the Day
card 53: Sing For Your Life!
card 54: "Let's Do It"
card 55: Disappering Act
card 56: Crazy Plans
card 57: Where to Go...
card 58: ...Into the Cell
card 59: I Say We Kill 'Em
card 60: Close Call
card 61: Why Not?!
card 62: Instructions and...
card 63: Reincarnated...
card 64: More Proof
card 65: The Photo Shoot
card 66: Too Much is Not...
card 67: A Mole, Perhaps?
card 68: On the Move
card 69: Over the Edge
card 70: Life on the Edge
card 71: Poetry Relegion...
card 72: Strange Bedfellows
card 73: A Plan for...
card 74: Off to Headquarters
card 75: Short Haircut
card 76: Parasailing in the...
card 77: The Dark Side
card 78: Search for Sam
card 79: Reunited
card 80: It is a Mole!
card 81: Catfight on the...
card 82: Vengeance and...
card 83: I Won!
card 84: Out of Ammo
card 85: Spunk Brew to the...
card 86: Saved by the Saver
card 87: I Give Up!
card 88: No...We Won!
card 89: Funky Tank Thang
card 90: Funky Girl Thang
card 2.:
card 4.:

Tank Girl

My all time favorite movie (and comic book) is "Tank Girl" It takes place in the year 2033 in Australia. The comic and movie are a bit different so their are 2 pages for them. How much do i like "Tank Girl"? Well lets see...i have a big poster, trading cards, barrets(sp.?), shirt, comics, making of the movie book, movie, pictures everywhere, soundtrack, script and i'm always looking for more...yeah i LOVE IT A LOT. So if you know where i can get more just mail me. By the way...i lied! i DON'T have a page for the comic...yet. i'm working on it.

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