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Another great movie is Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  i love it 
especially because of it's great valley girl quotes. 

"Please that was so five minutes ago."
"bogus corn."
"Excuse much, rude or anything?"
"It could happen."
"We paid good money to see this movie"  "We didn't"
"It's retro"
"You guys are thrased."
"Pike isn't a name, it's a fish."
"God!  What's your damage?"
"i didn't even break a nail."
"My keen fashion sense."
"You ruined my new jacket!  Kill him a lot."
"Get out of my facial."


Buffy is now a t.v. seris.  It's either the type of show that you love or
 hate.  i personally LOVE it.  Especially Xandar...or however you spell
 his name.  Anyway here are some of my favorite quotes.

"What's your child-hood trauma?"

"All right!...someone else's lose is my choclatey goodness."

"We need to get a head!"

Though the last one isn't all that great of a quote it has led to hours of amusement between me and my friend Wenni. (don't ask, lack of sleep)